All food collected by the Bend Food Project is donated to “The Giving Plate”, a food relief organization.

Hydroflask Dec 2017 Collection

“It was such an easy platform for giving – the identifiable green bags, placed out front and picked up on a given date. Easy – important and with a significant community impact”.  After starting at Hydro Flask, she realized that BFP was a perfect fit with the company’s philosophy of giving back to the community. Hydro Flask’s motto is “saving the world from lukewarm” and it was immediately clear that Hydro Flask could make a difference. “We are so fortunate to have companies like Bend Food Project to help those in need on our community. Amy and I have found that employees want to be able to give, but often do not know how. BFP makes it so easy to give back, plus who doesn’t like a little friendly competition!”  By partnering with Bend Food Project, Hydro Flask commits to a promise we make to each other not to let Hydro Flask become “lukewarm”.

Amy Renalds and Scott Allan
Assistant to Scott Allan, GM 
Hydro Flask


I love the Bend Food Project! I love that it teaches my children communication skills through explaining the project to their neighbors and recruiting them to participate, follow through and time management by picking up the bags when they say they will, enthusiasm and passion for helping those in our community and empathy by putting themselves in another’s shoes and doing something to help. Volunteer opportunities can be hard to find for young children and that is why we are grateful for this priceless opportunity.

Andrea Rosenzweig
Seven Peaks School

Giving Plate - Main EntranceI entered ‘The Giving Plate’ for the first time to talk with Gary and Debi in my professional role as the Community Partner Liaison for Westside Church. It did not take me long to realize the heart and soul of the two [of] them and the incredible pulse of TGP. The mission of feeding the hungry today, helping solve hunger tomorrow, was one I could embrace whole-heartedly.  I was enamored by the stories of the guests and in awe of the compassion in the environment. My volunteerism happened quickly as “food box engineer”[.  F]illing boxes of food for the guests was humbling yet rewarding. We take so much for granted in our daily lives and the simplicity of providing a box of food for a family in need rarely . . . . MORE

Kim P. Hatfield
Executive Director
The Giving Plate,

Collection - Ponderosa Elementary kids“I am doing this with my class because we as a district want our students to be thriving citizens.  What better way to learn about being a thriving citizen than learning how to give back to your community and help others who are in need.  Hopefully these children learn at an early age that they can make a positive difference in the world if they get involved and put themselves out there.”

Scott McCleary
5th Grade Teacher
Ponderosa Elementary School

IMG_0567“Our job as educators extends far beyond the basics of reading, writing and math. One of the greatest joys we experience is witnessing our students demonstrate true compassion, empathy and kindness towards others. It is our responsibility as educators to provide the context for this learning in tangible ways throughout their elementary and middle school years. The Bend Food Project is has been a perfect partner in supporting with this learning throughout the school year. Our students have been moved seeing the correlation between their efforts and the impact of their service on families in our local community. Each bag that is brought in on collection day serves as a visual reminder that every act of generosity and service makes a difference!”

Megan Martin
Seven Peaks School