Community Events

Library Volunteer Expo 2018Volunteer Expo:  On Sunday January 21, 2018th,  12:00 to 3:00pm.  The Bend Food Project will be represented at the Bend Downtown Library Volunteer Expo. This event allows individuals to volunteer for community projects of their choice. 

ScenicCircle_SmallFormat_BlackSaturday December 9th:   Food Collection.   Deschutes Brewery employees have been collecting for Bend Food Project for over a year.  However, December 2017’s collection was very special! A competition between departments was arranged, and the total they brought in was over 1,400 lbs!   The Bend Food Project and The Giving Plate really appreciate their generosity.  Thank you so much, Deschutes Brewery! 

Hydro-Flask-ParksForAll-Lockup2-Logo-Black-300x88     Saturday December 9th:   Food Collection.  Three times a year, a Better Future Day is held at Hydro Flask – an opportunity to practice leadership – by creating an activity, recruiting, organizing and managing the different departments and staff towards an outcome, working together. It is such a valuable day and truly a staff favorite. Part of that is the community giving piece, so when Hydro Flask’s HR Coordinator Erin Waters learned of BFP (Bend Food Project) – she could hardly wait to implement it. Erin had both the March and December BFP drives donate by department – creating a compelling and healthy competitive challenge. In March – Hydro Flask collected over 1,200 lbs. of food and just this past December, they surpassed that with over 1,400 lbs. It is now something that the company is committed to.