About Us

Our Organization

  • We run our organization with volunteers.  There are no personnel overhead costs.
  • The core of our organization is the Neighborhood Coodinator (NC) , who finds food donors and collects food.
  • NC food collection occurs every other month, to minimize the time commitment.
  • We also collect food from organizations like schools, churches, and businesses.
  • We focus on collecting non-perishable food.  We rely on other organizations to distribute this food to needy individuals.
  • We are a 501(c)(3) .

Our Mission

  • Develop a sustainable process to collect donated food and deliver to food pantries in the City of Bend Oregon.
  • Provide a large portion of the required non-perishable food distributed by “The Giving Plate”.

How Are We Doing

BFP Green Bag Dec 2018